"Surely I'm not expected to sell my own book?"

It is a shock for many published authors to realise that their book has a minuscule marketing budget, and the author is likely to be the person working hardest to generate their own sales.

If you have already decided to take matters into your own hands and self-publish, it could be that the sales aspects are the most daunting. They needn't be.

Our course "Shelf Secrets" should help you to be better prepared when approaching any bookshop. It should help you to think like a bookshop owner and know exactly what might encourage bookshops to put your book on their shelves.

Having been on the course, you should be able to approach any bookshop with confidence, with insider knowledge stronger than even the slickest sales patter.

There are things that you can do easily to improve your own sales. Our intensive one-day course will help you prepare the tools to sell your book. Even the most unlikely sales person can grow in confidence.

The course is designed for both self-published and traditionally published authors - specifically aimed to help you to boost your own sales, and make you a more profitable author.

The next Shelf Secrets course is on Sunday, August 2nd @ 9.15am at the Mostly Books bookshop. For a downloadable course outline, click here. To register your interest, complete our registration form below.

Note from Mark and Nicki Thornton, owners of Mostly Books, Abingdon, Oxon:

Our Shelf Secrets course was launched in response to the dozens of authors who have come into our Oxfordshire bookshop hoping to persuade us to stock their book. With so many varied approaches we quickly realised many authors are out there doing this with little support or guidance and we could see a need to offer the sort of insider help where we could see what they were doing right and wrong from a bookshop's point of view.

The feedback so far has been fantastic and has confirmed the everyday reality of the author turning themselves into a salesperson. We also know how welcome having such a starting point is for authors.

Some comments about Shelf Secrets from attendees:

"Shelf Secrets is a must for all authors, self-published or no. By the end of the day Mark had completely revolutionised the way I was thinking of approaching book stores…Mark taught us all about USPs, future pacing, long tails, risk reversal and many other excellent sales / business tips. I strode out of there at the end of the day feeling like the Richard Branson of the book world."

- Siobhan Curham, author of Finding The Plot, The Scene Stealers, and Sweet FA

"The course was interesting, stimulating and gave participants valuable insights and information. Any author should draw confidence from it and come away able to take new initiatives."

- Patrick Forsythe, author of The Gentle Art of Getting Your Own Way and First Class at Last

"A most useful day. I left with excellent knowledge and great inspiration as to how to market my novel to the book trade." - Mary Cavanagh, author of The Crowded Bed

"Thank you so much for running SHELF SECRETS for us last Sunday; it gave me a real insight into the way booksellers think and work, and I came away feeling far more confident about approaching indie bookshops. I thought you might like to know that yesterday I went to four indie bookshops in London. What I've just realised is that, once I'd begun to think at least a little like a bookseller, the conversations were easy, more than that, actively pleasant."

- Angela Young, author of Speaking of Love

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